Data Protection Policy

The Practice is committed to complying with the Data Protection Act 1998 by collecting, holding, maintaining and holding data in and open and fair fashion.

The Practice will only keep relevant information about employees for the purpose of employment or about patients to provide them with a safe and appropriate Dental Care. The Practice will not process any “sensitive personal data” without prior informed consent. As deferred by the Act “personal sensitive data” is that related to political opinion, racial or ethnic origin, membership of a trade union, the sexual life of the individual, physical or mental health or condition, religious or other beliefs of a similar nature. Sickness and accidents records will also be kept confidential.

All manual and computerised records are kept in a secure place, They are regularly reviewed, updated and destroyed in a confidential manner when no longer required and personnel records will only be seen by appropriate management.

Patient records will only be seen by appropriate team members. To facilitate patient healthcare the personal information about them may be disclosed to a doctor, healthcare professional, hospital. NHS Authorities, the Inland Revenue, the Benefits Agency (when claiming exemption or remission from NHS charges) or private dental schemes of which the patient is a member. In all cases the information shared will only be that which is relevant to the situation. In very limited cases such as for identification purposes or if required by law, information may have to be shared with a party not involved in the patient’s healthcare. In all cases information will not be disclosed to such a third party without the patient’s written authority.